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Who Are We

The Emirati Al-Amin Company is the first company across the United Arab Emirates

Because cleanliness and order are the first factors to bring positive energy to any place
We are keen to assist you in all aspects of cleaning operations
Whether the place is large or small, or the things are many
We can send our workers to locate and take care of it from A to Z

We have in the Emirati Al-Ameen Company

Trained committed labor led by the most skilled group of supervisors
We have all kinds of steam equipment for both carpets and curtains
We have all kinds of marble, ceramic and all floor polishing equipment
We pay attention to everything new and develop more and more machines and equipment
All pest extermination techniques without any side effect on the environment
All this at unbeatable premium prices
They change and are reduced on occasions, you will dear customer be dazzled by the results

Just contact us through the numbers in front of you. There is a call sign, click on it and do not hesitate, you will regret not contacting us

There is a section on our site called Contact Us. If the number is not available or closed, you will leave your required information and in the content of the message leave your number so that we can contact you when we receive a message on the mail

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